Re-cap some of the insights, discussion and expert opinions from leaders across the clean energy industry shared at the 2018 Australian Clean Energy Summit in the video series below.

View the presentations from the summit here.

Audrey Zibelman - The challenges of grid connection

Audrey Zibelman, CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), discusses the importance of indusry stakeholders working together to resolve the challenges of grid connection. She shares her view on the importance of AEMO learning with the industry and making the most the engineering experience available. 

Allen Gerber - Diversity as a driver of value

Allen Gerber, Manager Energy Solutions at Synergy shares his insights on the importance of diversity as a driver of value for all businesses at the Women in Renewables breakfast. He draws attention to the duty of care managers owe and the importance of setting an apporiate example. 

Kobad Bhavnagi - Overview of global trends

Kobad Bhavnagri, Head of Australia, Bloomberg New Energy Finance gives an overview of eight global trends in energy around the world. He includes Bloomberg New Energy Finance's forecast of the cost parity between operating a coal-fired power station and building new renewable generation by the end of the next decade.

Sarah Paparo - New technologies for government offtake agreements

Sarah Paparo from Marchment Hill Consulting discusses opportunities for new renewable energy technologies that could be supported by government offtake agreement schemes. She outlines the possibilities for technologies including bio-energy from waste and offshore wind.

Morten Dryholm - The role of batteries in international markets

Morten Dryholm, Group Senior Vice President of Vestas talks about the importance of grid infrastructure and the benefits it has provided to the European energy market.

Reflections on the next 12 months in energy

Five leaders from the industry, Jeff Connolly, Stephen Davey, John Titchen, Tim Nelson and Audrey Zibelman share their views on the development and opportunities they see for the next 12 months in the Australian sector.

Anne Foster - Corporate Australia needs to catch up on renewables

Anne Foster, Senior Vice President at Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners, believes that corporate Australia needs to catch up on renewables. Drawing on examples from the US Anne discusses the power big organisations have to drive Australia's energy transformation. 

Professor Paul Simshauser - The difficulties of planning future power systems

Professor Paul Simshauser, Executive General Manager of Corporate Development at Infigen outlines the difficulties of planning future power systems and how often innovation is underestimated by planners. 

Neil Gibbs - The disruptive risk of distributed energy resources

Neil Gibbs, Executive Chair of Marchment Hill Consulting discusses the disruptive risk of distributed energy resources. He shares his perspective on the complexity of changes to the power system faced from behind the meter generation.

Dr Phil Blyth - Keeping pace with consumer demand

Dr Phil Blythe, CEO of Greensync shares his views on the importance of keeping pace with consumer demand. He outlines the importance of industry, government and regulators saying 'yes' to consumers and behind the meter generation.

Wei Sue - Australia as the global leader of energy decentralisation

Wie Sue from Marchment Hill Consulting looks at how Australia is forecast to become the global leader in energy decentralisation. She outlines the types of technologies that consumers will be using in their homes and highlights the risks this uptake could present. 

Ric Brazzale - New renewables generation is unprecedented

Ric Brazzale, Managing Director at Green Energy Markets, shares his insights about the unprecedented levels of new renewable generation in Australia. 

Morten Dyrholm - Flexibility vs Reliability

Morten Dyrholm from Vestas shares his views on framing the issue of flexibility vs reliability in electricity markets and asks the question, how do we best optimise the system for flexibility?

Important Note

The views of all presenters, facilitators and chairs at CEC events are their own and should not be taken to represent the views of the CEC. As the event organiser the CEC works with these individuals to ensure content relevance only and does not accept responsibility for how their views are presented or interpreted.