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Last year's presentations covered the biggest developments and innovations in 2016. You can see a selection of these on the presentations page: 

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Senvion @Senvion_com

Well done @cleannrgcouncil for a fantastic #ACES2016. The future of wind energy in Australia is looking bright.

Nick Cutler @Nick_Cutler

Great vibe at the clean energy summit this year. Thoroughly enjoyed it. #ACES2016

Michael Fuller @mrf_ca

At #ACES2016 @JoshFrydenberg echoed these important #renewables points during fantastic @annabelcrabb -hosted QandA…


Great big #solar session with @FirstSolar @Canadian_Solar @SolarReserve at #ACES2016 many valuable lessons shared from existing projects

Leah Howell @LeahHow33

Nerding out at the #ACES2016 today. So much good discussion around #renewables, P2P energy trading & grid disruption

 Rottnest Wereturbine @Rottoturbine

So many good tweets coming out of #ACES2016 go check it out!